LZQ is an excellent OEM manufacturer of high-precision and fully-finished medical tools, cutting tools, jigs, spare parts, and special new products. At present, it mainly does OEMs for suppliers of world-class brands. The main users of OEMs are also medical Manufacturer of tools and fixtures. Because it has long been engaged in the production and processing of non-standard tooling and molding fixtures for the production of precision parts such as aircraft, ships, automobiles, ultra-high rust-proof and high-hardness stainless steel, and tungsten steel brazing tools and fixtures, it has gradually established and continuously improved advanced integration. The production system and various precision technology production and processing capabilities can realize high-precision, highly complex, and comprehensively shaped geometric processing of various medical tools, fixtures, and accessories, and composite molding processing according to drawings and samples size/tolerance/requirements. It can produce extremely complex and precise shapes. Tools and knives can be segmented by laser, color circles of different colors, coatings of different colors, with inner holes...requirements, as long as there are requirements and samples, CAD drawings, they can be formed.


Professional special, non-standard, special-shaped, new products, super-hard processing of any type, shape, tolerance, advanced comprehensive production system, and various precision technology production and processing capabilities to achieve high-efficiency and low-cost applications!


Can be customized according to drawings and samples, such as ceramics, tungsten steel, diamonds, ultra-high rust-proof, high-hardness and high-toughness stainless steel, titanium alloy, titanium and other series of CNC precision knife molds, forming fixtures, brazing fixtures, wear-resistant parts, High-precision parts (3DX technology) are super-hardened and super-finished.


Extremely ultra-fine particles, ultra-long cutting life, unparalleled durability, you can order pictures or samples to try and compare...


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